Indiggo is an Al-driven solution to take companies from Leadership Waste to Return On Leadership® by changing the way leaders work.

The new imperatives of Stakeholder Capitalism, ESG, DEl and a hybrid workforce have created unprecedented demands on leaders to quickly drive strategic change at scale.

Indiggo integrates purpose driven imperatives with vital leadership habit shifts needed to get them done on time and at scale.

This AI-driven software solution helps companies to:

  • Connect Core Purpose into strategy, the flow of work, and the fabric of your organisation

  • Cascade strategic clarity and priorities to every leadership level

  • Achieve ongoing leadership alignment at scale for the organisation, business units, and every leader through a quick, easy, and automated process

  • Drive focused action at scale, seamlessly integrating into the flow of work with AI-driven individualised nudge technology to help every single manager focus their choices and actions on delivering value every day

Indiggo’s AI-driven platform helps solve the following business problems:

  • 67% of well-formulated strategies fail in execution

  • Only 28% of managers can articulate 3 of their companies’ strategic priorities

  • Leaders & managers waste 41% of their time on low-value activities

  • 1 out of 2 people operate without ongoing clarity on their top priorities 

  • 4 of 5 factors leading to burnout are directly related to a lack of alignment and support on work priorities.

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